15.10-Advanced expressive analysis supervision on complex trauma and structural dissociation

„Read no more- look! Look no more – go!“
(P. Celan, Engführung, 1959)

This advanced supervision class provides a platform for therapists to express and explore their personal experiences and questions in working with survivors of severe chronic or early trauma.
The view is, to extend personal possibilities in facing complex personality constellations and demanding emotional enactments of needs and defenses in the therapeutic field and to empower personal competences in handling, respectively in “making sense” of the suffered harm through presented materials and artwork.
The findings of our work will be related in a transdisciplinary perspective to conceptualizations including „structural dissociation “, „enactive trauma-therapy “, “countertransference-analysis “, with special regards on questions concerning „presentability and legibility” in philosophical- resp. art-historical esthetics, pictorial sciences, and art-practice.
Diagnostically we will refer to the new catalogue of ICD-11 criteria for Complex-PTSD and Dissociative-Identity-Disorders.

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