Sara Aalto

My basic professional is an occupational therapist specialized to psychiatric. I worked as an psychiatric occupational therapist on an adult´s acute closed ward and outpatient care over 20 years. I have got some psychoanalytic art therapy courses and phototherapy´s specialization programs PD and kept always all kind of art therapy groups and using art metods at my work. I am a youth dynamic training psychotherapist and a psychoanalytic adult´s individual psychotherapist. My own therapy was an psychoanalytic art psychotherapy. I have worked also besides my public health care job as a private occupational therapist with children and last 20 years as a psychotherapist for young and adults. I have kept only a private reception about six years. I have the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) qualification to rehabilitation and art therapy provider for the youth and adults (16-69 years).

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