14.10 – What if it’s … a flower?

by Mara Conte and Anna Lagomaggiore (Genoa) with Marzia Achilli (Venice), Maria Cristina Canta (Berlin), Stefano Bartoli Uguccioni (Pesaro), Luca Olivetto (Padua).

Some dance movement therapists – as actors and spectators of this dark time where the “tragic is manifest and it seems irreverent to speak of joy” (Candiani) – met with the aim of creating a performance for the 40th anniversary of Italian Art Therapy.
Opening a reflection on several levels (mental, emotional, experiential/bodily), they entered an intense creative process that saw the solidity of the DMT theories of reference, the amazement of the richness of group work and the delicacy of personal and professional stories.

The “dances” that emerged revolve around the desire to dare to be one’s own uniqueness and at the same time the desire to rediscover the presence of the other; create a connected network of humanity following the eternal rhythm of breathing, between the internal and external world, with awareness, dignity, gratitude, joy, compassion.
This contribution represents for the group a sort of offer for its association and its founding members, but also an invitation for everyone to dare in turn: a courageous “challenge” and at the same time a “calm surrender” to reconnect this time of ” sad passions ”to joy, to life.

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