14.10 – Suspended Atelier. Art therapy cycle-workshop for the community

This intervention was born to investigate possible application of art therapy into the community with the goal of reconsidering  the concept of well-being. Well-being isn’t just related to individual balance and equilibrium but embraces the network a person is in, be it in more intimate relationships or in the wider community.

For that aim, the art therapy’s itinerant cicloatelier  was built. Once in a month it will reaches different boroughs and is to be considered a moving listening point. People can use the space and the presence of art therapists to initiate internal dialogue or with others through images.

Cicloatelier was founded as a community project and financially supported by the community itself. The project is accessible to all people with psychophysical disabilities and the bigger framework is a partecipative and non stigmatising dimension, where everyone is called to express themselves according to their uniqueness.

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