14.10 – Stabilization and Breakthrough. Fostering Embodied Leadership through Creativity and Arts

 As the world is getting through Covid-19, we are entering the post pandemic age. The world is experiencing great turmoil now- the pandemic, war, economic/energy/food crisis cast huge challenges on nations as well as individuals. Each of us must deal with ever increased uncertainties and changes every day and moment. Many feels losing the grip and grounding in their life, and getting close to burning out and personal crisis. Paradoxically, we want to have a structure to stabilize ourselves but at the same time are longing for breakthrough and freedom. It is such delicate but crucial balance we want to reach between the two, just like many other dualities (Yin and Yang).  Now more than ever there is a call for leadership to address these challenges in new and effective ways. Can the arts contribute towards this search for novel directions?  What does the leadership mean for individuals, organizations and societies? In this presentation, I will share my experiences with embodied leadership of creating our training programs in China, an open access journal and international professional association.

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