14.10 – Neighborhood Mindscape: Art therapy laboratory for second-generation immigrants

This project was realized in 2022 in Bologna and is connected to inclusion and co-participation processes supported by Social Municipio TPO . It’s dedicated to teenagers second-generation immigrants who live in Porto district in Bologna. The laboratory object was to explore and share objects, locations, and landscapes that belong to the neighborhood’s everyday life by art therapy methods and techniques. These elements have various effects on sensory, structural, conceptual, symbolic, projective, and memory processes (Bollas).  There’s an incessant dialogue between the physical site and psychological site, between “outside object” and “inside object”, this’s explored during each meeting start to own room representation, pass through own home, place frequented habitually o ideal spaces in the neighborhood. In the end, they realized a “mindscape” construction where cultures, symbols, and needs acquired collectives shapes, colors, and dimensions. 

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