14.10 – Creativity in giving shape to what exists

Our contribution is based on the experience with the Compagnia della Mia Misura. The Compagnia della Mia Misura is a project of integration and social inclusion for people with disabilities, which started ten years ago. The rehabilitation aspect is mainly linked to the possibility of self-expression and the expression of our potentialities and our resources to show who we really are, thus gaining visibility and an active participation in the society by proposing laboratories and artistic experiences. The starting point of our work can be summarized by Marian Chace’s well-known saying – «going towards the other, where one is» – and it mainly fits within the theoretical framework of the American dance therapist, through the concepts of being seen for what you are, staying and giving shape to what exists and emerges from the dance-movement therapy group. The project has grown within those concepts by developing a methodology for leading integrated dance-therapy groups and for arranging performances. A growth that has given us a lot of positive feedbacks also at the European level. However, how could all the above be adapted to the global pandemic situation and how have all our past landmarks and “certainties” changed?

Facing this challenge, we went through various phases of acceptance, elaboration, personal experimentation and confrontation to work out a creative proposal, suitable and effective with respect to the new tools available. Again it is the concept of giving shape to what exists. The proposal for remote work: why and how to carry it out with disabled people? Which are the peculiar and distinctive elements for remote work? How could we readjust the work indoor in an outdoor space? What does the use of the face mask mean in terms of expression during the work? These are the questions we were supposed to answer. Along with our report, we would like to share a short video on the Compagnia della Mia  Misura and the work carried out during that period.

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