16.10-Maternal creativity in the Covid-19 pandemic

This proposal is written to expand my personal experience as an art therapist, psychologist, and most importantly, mother. The covid19 pandemic somehow allowed some people, including my family, to find inner treasure through suffering. As stated in Holy Quran, God says: “After the storm comes the calm. “Due to sanction restrictions, corona mortality, and economic problems, families experience much stress in my country. In addition to these challenges, being a mother was difficult during the pandemic. Therefore, I decided to use my professional experience daily, and I started to implement the art therapy skills at home. As my husband had been exposed to Covid-19 two times. I used some expressive art therapy exercises during this period. These exercises have helped me to reduce the anxiety and fears of my children. Exercise 1: expressing fears with painting; Exercise 2: use the quarantine calendar; Exercise 3: digital connection; Exercise 4: created a social story book.

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