16.10-As a bud on a spring branch. Dancing the processes of rebirth in self-care and clinical practice. Travel notes

Building on my clinical work as well as on my personal research, I will offer some thoughts about how the descent into the body – in its expressive ad poetic values – can represent a new creative resource in the processes on psychic rebirth. A rebirth to be understood as opening both towards new life possibilities in the treatment of psychic suffering and towards new level of awareness in my personal research. The link connecting and stimulating these two aspects is represented by the Body of the therapist, that has to be seen as place and container of psychic transformation. I will show how taking care of it through the Authentic Movement feeds a creative cycle of new connections and rebirths that, in turn, allows the Expressive Psycotherapist – DMT to witness other rebirths in the clinical practice, embodying then the modern concept of intercorporeity (Ammaniti, Gallese 2014). I will stress some body parameters (LMA and KMP) marking the steps that open the way to change, “as buds on a spring breach”.

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