“We must perceive in order to move, but we must also move in order to perceive” Gibson (1979)
The contribution we wish to present at the international conference “The Arts of inclusion and connection” is a video, the result of the reflections that emerged during the long period of suspension and isolation due to the Pandemic, regarding our profession as dance movement therapist: which AFFORDANCE can we and do we have to ask ourselves / the objects / environment available for use by the patient? The concept of AFFORDANCE was coined by J. Gibson (1979) to indicate the ability of the environment to stimulate action in the perceiving subject, providing it with a range of possibilities for interaction with it. Our video is an invitation to use, to enter into a dynamic and interactive relationship with what, in a virtual space / time, happens and offers itself to our senses, to the resonances that can be activated in the game of symmetries between objects / environment / bodies.
Michela Caccav­ale DMT Art Therapy Italiana APID® ed​ Elena Bennati DMT Art Therapy Italiana APID®

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