15.10 -TIME OUT: ‘Almost-things’ and ‘atmospheres’ in the field of art therapy with adolescents in hospital

An art therapy project aimed at adolescents with chronic and complex pathologies in the context of a Hospital Service will be described. The project takes place in the presence and is lately being articulated with a remote part aimed at offering containment and reinforcement of resources in the delicate phase of returning home. Adolescence is a delicate age in which the individual finds himself facing new challenges related to the relationship with the body, with peers, with his own identity in formation, with a new perception of time and his own history, with processes of separation and individuation. These themes are sharpened and declined in sometimes unexpected ways in the confrontation with diseases that intensify the themes linked to the body and the processes of autonomy. The challenge consists in finding new settings and proposals that respond to the needs identified in many years of experience, and which at the same time take into account the typical defenses of this age. The protocols used will be pointed out.

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