15.10 -Living and embodied memory: experience of creative and vital connections

During the long life of Art Therapy Italiana Association, day-to-day exchanges and connections among members as well as sudden resonances, aesthetic and relational encounters, have formed an ongoing narrative memory.

The aim of this conference is to build on living memories of all the people who have contributed to found and develop our organisation. Past memories are in a continuous change, defined by the word “fluid”,  they remain in our body, sometimes hidden, sometimes rediscovered. When we recall them, we create a new memory that is to us real, present and inspiring. By recapturing fragments of the work of Maria Belfiore, Teresa Escobar, of Martina Luisa Colli and Gianluca Merlini and of Arthur Robbins, recently passed away, we wish to generate a constellation of knowing and being that represents the foundation of our conference and a symbol for a lived experience. 

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