Paola Luzzatto

Paola Luzzatto, Ph.D. has a background in Philosophy, Education and Comparative Religions.
In London she trained as Art Psychotherapist and completed the course in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Tavistock and in Supervision at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. She worked in London in Psychiatry for 8 years. In New York, she was in charge of the Art Therapy Service for 10 years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where she developed The Creative Journey (AATA Prize 2004) and the Silent Creative Retreats.  In 2011, she started, with Maria d’Elia, the European Network of Art Therapy (NEAT) which later became the European Federation (EFAT).
Paola Luzzatto worked for 5 yrs at Muhimbili University, Tanzania (2016-2021), where she developed with her colleagues the innovative TT-AT protocol for Trauma. She has written professional articles, an Italian art therapy textbook, the biography of the Austrian artist Susanne Wenger, and some books for children on mythology.

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