Arthur Robbins

Arthur Robbins, cofounder of Pratt’s Institute ( New York City ) Art Therapy Program and a professor emeritus of creative arts therapy, passed away on May 7, 2022. 
A.Robbins came to Pratt in the fall of 1971, serving as field coordinator for the nascent art therapy program. He taught full time until his retirement in 2008, and then returned to teach part time from 2010 through 2016. From fall 1982 to fall 1984, he also served as chair of the graduate art therapy program.
He encouraged Mimma Della Cagnoletta in developing an Italian art therapy, promoting her meeting with Marilyn LaMonica and Maria Belfiore which ended up in the foundation of Art Therapy Italiana and of the first training institute. He taught at Art Therapy Italiana from 1984 till 2005, inspiring practicing art therapists and dance movement therapists as well.
Robbins is remembered as a forceful and highly creative leader, author of several books and numerous articles. As a licensed psychologist and certified psychoanalyst, he was also the founder of the Institute of Expressive Analysis.  
You can find resources on his webpage

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