15.10 -Dancing in the storm take root in the whirlwind. A fact-finding investigation in times of Covid-19

I will show the results of a study conducted in Spring 2021 on sample of professionals belonging to different models and school of DMT APID. An exploratory investigation carried out through the semi-structured interview – with the aim of analysing the changing withing the DTM setting after the COVID-19 breakdown. The focus has been on understanding how and if could be possible for a DMT to work throughout a bidimensional screen, without the presence of physical bodies. I will present the design and the different stages of the fact-finding investigation, that has been developed with the methodological framework of the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Then, I will stress both the differences and mainly a substantial common denominator, which take us back to the deepest and most peculiar part of our profession. Hence, in the presentation it will be emphasized how such common denominator has taken different shapes and toward which fundamental root of the DMT has led the different professionals, bringing them together despite the strong difference of their reference methodological model.

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