Call for Contributions

The organizing committee of the conference invites presenters and speakers to submit their proposal on the topics of the conference with the following criteria:

  • Short experience and/or research presentation – 20 minutes
  • Workshop presentation – 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Film/video presentation – max. 15 minutes
  • Performance art/happenings – max. 30 minutes

    It is necessary to insert the following information in the link below (we suggest you read it carefully and prepare it first on a Word document to facilitate the insertion):
  • Name, Surname, Address, Email, Phone contact, Profession, Place of work or study of each author (if more than one)
  • Title of contribution
  • Short abstract (150 words)
  • Choice of the thematic area: fracture/transformation, inclusion, connection (click HERE to learn more)
  • Short biography (maximum 150 parole) of each author (if more than one): qualifications, experience, reserach
  • Type of contribution: Short experience and/or research, workshop, film/video or performance art/happenings
  • Equipment needed: DVD player, Power Point facilities, materials for workshop…
  • Do you intend to attend face-to-face or live streaming? In case you can’t attend the conference in person, would you be able to pre-record your contribution (only for experience and/or research presentation)?
  • Proposal (800 words): must include introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and references. For workshop please include introduction, learning objectives and methodology.

    Here is the link to enter the proposals and send them to us: CLICK HERE

    Deadline for proposals: May 15th, 2022

    Speakers and Conductors fee: € 100 (VAT included) – Please contact our office for information on payment details