The Arts of Inclusion and Connection

Contemporary Challenges for Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Expressive Psychotherapy

Bologna 14/15/16 October 2022

On site and online

In today’s society, we are faced by sudden and quick changes. The experience of collective instability has led to innovation and experimentation of different models of intervention in our work. Loneliness, isolation, fear and the sense of estrangement, the need to be listened to, increased by the lack of closeness and co-regulation, are some of the issues experienced during the pandemic, that involved everyone but especially the vulnerable people we work with.

This conference aims to collect the reports of professionals who have used their skills, their artistic sensitivity and subjectivity, to cope with an era of change that are still in progress.

We invite you to present your experience at our international conference that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Art Therapy Italiana, opening a dialogue about our practice, on the theoretical and methodological principles that support it, in order to strengthen a community based on the respect for the interconnections human-nature-environment that constitute the fragile balance of an eco-system that needs to be protected, reconsidered and revived.

The conference has an hybrid format: it takes place in the city of Bologna, Italy, and online.

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